Living Waters Baptist Youth Camp

Living Waters Baptist Youth Camp

Evangelist Mike Ragland

Our Staff

Bro. Mike and Mrs. Debbie

Dr. Mike Ragland along with his wife, Mrs. Debbie, started Living Waters Baptist Youth Camp in 1987 where they have served these past 32 years. Bro. Mike serves as director of the camp and Mrs. Debbie manages the kitchen where she served alone for many years; she also handles the bookkeeping for the ministry. Bro. Mike also serves in full-time evangelism between events at the camp.

Bro. Aaron and Mrs. Jessica

Bro. Aaron Cook is married to Jessica, the daughter of Bro. Mike and Mrs. Debbie. Bro. Aaron was raised in the home of a pastor who also directed a camp for many years. His rich experience paired with the experience of his wife, who was raised in this ministry where she has served since childhood, provides a very capable and qualified second generation family as staff here at the camp.

Bro. Jeremy and Mrs. Kimberly

Bro, Jeremy is the son of Bro. Mike and Mrs. Debbie and now serves full-time here. He was raised here at the camp and has labored with this ministry since his childhood. He has given much time to helping youth groups in various churches and is an experienced second generation staff member here at the camp.

Other Staff

Every year God provides different volunteers who serve alongside the full-time staff during the weeks of summer camp and other events throughout the year. Their service ranges from one week to the entire summer and this help comes from preachers in the ministry to young adults who are just looking for a place to serve. There is much work to be done here at Living Waters Baptist Youth Camp and it requiress a host of God's choice servants to perform the task and meet the needs.

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